Mar. 23, 2021

WHAT: Rep. Rob Kauffman (R-Franklin) will hold a House Judiciary Committee meeting to vote on the following two bills:

     • House Bill 605 - Would help provide for the expedited and efficient resolution of lawsuits arising out of exposure to COVID-19.

     • House Bill 951 - Would provide that waivers of sovereign and governmental immunity for civil actions alleging sexual abuse of a minor be applied retroactively. In addition, by making these waivers of sovereign and governmental immunity apply retroactively, the statutory limits or caps on damages that otherwise might apply to such cases are similarly lifted retroactively.

WHO:         Kauffman and members of the House Judiciary Committee.

WHEN: Wednesday, March 24, at the call of the chair. 

WHERE: 523 Irvis Office Building, Capitol Complex, Harrisburg.