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Kauffman’s Welfare Reform Proposal Key Component of WelFAIR Initiative

Legislation authored by Rep. Rob Kauffman (R-Cumberland/Franklin) that would require photo identification on welfare benefit cards was highlighted as part of the House Republican WelFAIR reform package unveiled at the state Capitol today.


“Recent audits by the auditor general have revealed obscene amounts of fraud and abuse within the welfare system,” said Kauffman, a member of the House Majority Policy Committee’s Welfare Policy Development Team. “My legislation will help ensure that there are tighter controls pertaining to the use of welfare benefit cards. This is the same type of fraud prevention used by many credit card companies and wholesale shopping clubs.”


House Bill 392 would require photo identification to be included on welfare benefit cards in order to prevent the cards being sold or misused by people other than the authorized cardholder.


Other bills included in the WelFAIR package include:

House Bill 960, which would cross reference welfare applicants through 19 different databases to confirm eligibility.

House Bill 1251, which would strengthen legal penalties for those who commit welfare fraud.

House Bill 1261, which would prevent applicants from applying for welfare benefits in counties other than which they reside.

House Bill 1301, which would reduce abuse in a welfare program that helps people truly in need get to and from doctor appointments, pharmacy visits, methadone clinics, dialyses treatments, physical therapy and other medical appointments.

House Bill 1312, which would transition the fraud-laden special allowance program from grants to a loan-based initiative.

House Bill 1254, which would prohibit the purchase of tobacco with welfare benefit cards.

House Bill 1297, which would require drug felons who apply for welfare benefits to submit to random drug tests.


“I am pleased that at the forward momentum this legislative package is receiving this session,” said Kauffman. “Four of the bills have already been passed through committee and the other four are due to come before their House committees next week. I have been personally working on my photo identification proposal for several years and am hopeful that during this legislative session it will become law.”


Kauffman’s proposal overwhelmingly passed the House as an amendment to another bill in 2007, but did not have a chance to become law before the end of the legislative session.


For more information on House Bill 392 and the entire welfare reform package, go to and click on the WelFAIR logo.


State Representative Rob Kauffman

89th District,
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact: Tricia Lehman    


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