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Kauffman, Rock Vote NO on Tax and Spend Budget Plan
State Reps. Rob Kauffman (R-Cumberland/Franklin) and Todd Rock (R-Franklin) voted in opposition to a state spending plan that increases taxes on working Pennsylvanians and businesses and drains the state’s emergency accounts for increased spending.
“Although we are all glad that this frustrating budget debacle is over, the $27.8 billion spending level positions us poorly for next fiscal year,” said Kauffman. “As revenues are already coming in significantly lower than last year, we may be in deficit soon. The one time revenues, such as the Rainy Day Fund, are totally used up in this fiscal year. The fiscal train wreck has not been averted...simply put off for another year.”
The $27.8 billion spending plan passed primarily along party lines in the House would increase taxes on families and businesses by close to $1 billion, which includes a 53 percent increase on businesses through the Capital Stock and Franchise Tax and 25 cent per pack tax increase on cigarettes.
The budget also drains money from several reserve accounts to help pay for the budget, including a depletion of the state’s Rainy Day Fund ($755 million) and the Health Care Provider Retention Account ($708 million), and substantial withdrawls from the Tobacco Endowment Account ($150 million in 2009-10 and $250 million 2010-11) and the MCare Fund ($100 million).
The lawmakers expressed continuing disappointment that the Democrat-controlled House neglected to bring up for a vote House Bill 1943, the House Republican budget proposal developed with input from key Democrats, that would have avoided any tax increases and further reduced state spending while adequately funding important state government programs.
"I voted against this budget because it is just plain wrong for state government to spend money it doesn't have and then demand that working-class families and job-creating employers make up the difference through more than $800 million in increased taxes," said Rock.   "Especially during an economic recession, state government has an obligation to live within its means.   The governor and lawmakers need to remember that they were elected to serve the people who work hard and pay the taxes, rather than knowingly supporting legislation that will lead to massive revenue shortfalls and more economy-crippling tax increases in the future.   Now more than ever, this Legislature should be about taking every step possible to protect the best interests of Pennsylvania's most important special interest group:   You the Taxpayer."  
The budget passed the state House on Wednesday by a vote of 107-93.
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