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Kauffman Says State House Takes Next Step in Annual Budget Process, Sends Bill to Conference Committee
Following a vote in the state House to non-concur on an amendment from the Senate with its budget proposal, Rep. Rob Kauffman (R-Cumberland/Franklin) said House Bill 1416 (the budget bill) now goes to a conference committee, where appointees from each of the four caucuses will work on a compromise budget plan.
“It is unfortunate that this part of the process was not undertaken a month ago. However, the House Democrat majority has been working with Governor Ed Rendell to delay the process in order to create a crisis that they believe will elicit the tax increase they want to impose upon the people of Pennsylvania,” said Kauffman.
The General Assembly and governor are now more than three weeks past the deadline for passage of the state budget. Due to ongoing budget negotiations, 77,000 state workers have begun receiving partial paychecks and most will go without pay starting with their next paycheck.
“The governor continues to attempt to use state workers as pawns in this budget crisis. Many of us, including Lieutenant Governor Joseph Scarnati, believe these workers can and should be paid,” continued Kauffman. “We remain committed to moving this process along quickly, despite the many delay tactics by the governor.”
Kauffman said the goal of the House Republicans during these negotiations will be to prioritize funding of the core functions of government. “It will be necessary to use various one-time sources of revenue such as the Rainy Day Fund, a tax amnesty program, etc. But we must do this judiciously in order to meet our current obligations while preventing a tax increase and ensuring that we don’t create even greater fiscal difficulties in the years to come.”
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