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Kauffman Drafting Legislation to Save Veteran and Service Clubs from Closing by Amending Small Games of Chance Law
HARRISBURG – After hearing from local service club members, state Rep. Rob Kauffman (R-Cumberland/Franklin) is drafting legislation to increase prize limits and increase the amount of proceeds retained by the clubs.

“Our communities benefit greatly from the public service of and contributions from our area service and veterans organizations, which rely on money raised through small games of chance to survive,” said Kauffman. “Although legislation recently enacted has improved the fundraising potential for these clubs, it has also caused some unintended consequences and some of our local organizations could be put out of business. The legislation I am drafting, and will pursue, will respond to the requests of these clubs in order to continue their missions to serve their members and the community at large.”

Kauffman’s legislation would increase the seven-day aggregate prize limit to $35,000, up from the current $25,000. “Increasing prize limits would enhance the fundraising ability of the organizations,” said Kauffman.

One of the most substantial changes to the law would be Kauffman’s proposal to change the distribution of proceeds to the organization from the current 70 percent for public interest purposes to 40 percent and from the current 30 percent for operational expenses to 60 percent.

“These clubs and organizations need money to actually pay the bills and keep their doors open. My proposal would direct more of the proceeds from small games of chance to the organization for things such as facility construction, insurance, property taxes, utility costs and mortgage payments,” said Kauffman. “These organizations do a lot of good for our communities, but that great work can’t continue if they can’t even pay their bills and are forced to close. I support these clubs and, therefore, am working to make sure we have a funding formula in place that makes sense and addresses the needs of the organizations.”

Kauffman represents the 89th Legislative District in Cumberland and Franklin counties and has been a longtime proponent of legislative efforts to update and improve the laws addressing small games of chance.

State Representative Rob Kauffman
89th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Tricia Lehman
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