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Kauffman Says Saving Scotland School is About More Than Dollars and Cents
Joining a rally on the state Capitol steps today, Rep. Rob Kauffman (R-Cumberland/Franklin) voiced his support for continued state funding in the 2009-10 state budget for the Scotland School for Veterans’ Children.
“This is about more than dollars and cents. This is about Pennsylvania’s children, children whose best opportunity for a successful future is Scotland School,” said Kauffman, whose legislative district includes the school. “We owe it to our veterans to provide their children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews with the best education possible in a safe and nurturing environment.”
The rally was held in opposition to Gov. Ed Rendell’s proposal to eliminate $10.5 million in funding for the school in the state budget. The elimination of funding would effectively close the school and send 288 students back home and leave 186 employees jobless. The school provides housing and an education for relatives of veterans. Seventy percent of the students come from Philadelphia looking for a safe environment to live, learn and grow.
“The $10.5 million investment we are asking the governor to put into the Scotland School is an investment in our future,” said Kauffman. “Instead of falling through the cracks in the educational system back home, these students thrive and go on to lead successful lives, never having to depend on the hand of government again.”
According to the school, 70 percent of its graduates go on to college and 15 percent join the military.
“To eliminate the only option some of these children have to get away from communities where drugs, violence and crime are a way of life and schools where students are merely a number, is just wrong,” said Kauffman. “Our veterans deserve better from us, they deserve to know that Scotland School will continue to be a beacon in the night if their family is in need this year and in the years ahead. We are in a time of war, and it is unthinkable that the governor is contemplating closing an institution that was founded on the principle of caring for our veterans’ children as our veterans have cared for us.”
The Scotland School for Veterans’ Children was has been a part of the Scotland community for more than a century and is the only school of its kind still operating in the United States. It was originally established for orphans of Civil War veterans.
Kauffman, a resident of the Scotland community, also participated in a joint hearing of the House and Senate Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness committees on the proposed closing; and he plans to testify before the House Appropriations Committee in support of funding for the school.
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