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Kauffman Joins Fourth Annual Right to Keep and Bear Arms Rally
Lawmaker calls for continued support of Second Amendment rights
State Rep. Rob Kauffman (R-Cumberland/Franklin) today joined hundreds of men and women for the Fourth Annual Right to Keep and Bear Arms Rally in Harrisburg. The event is held each year in an effort to present a united front against any infringement on the rights of law-abiding citizens to bear arms in the protection of themselves, their families and their homes.
“Violent crimes are on the rise, there is no doubt about that. However, I think instead of placing greater restrictions and mandates on law-abiding citizens, we need to enforce the laws we already have on the books and focus more on the criminal element who are often illegally purchasing weapons,” said Kauffman. “This issue is about our right under the United States Constitution to defend ourselves and our family. Government should not have the ability to take that right away from those citizens who are following our laws and legally obtaining guns and rifles for home protection, sport or even personal collections.”
The rally comes on the heels of Gov. Ed Rendell’s announcement that additional gun restrictions are needed, including allowing municipalities to adopt their own regulations and requiring owners to report any lost or stolen handguns. 
“This type of legislation will not solve the problem of violent crime; it only serves to place a greater burden on law-abiding citizens,” said Kauffman. “House Republicans have already adopted Act 131 of 2008, which would increase penalties for the possession of stolen firearms and straw purchases, mandate tracing of all illegally owned guns recovered by police, and penalize those lying on federal paperwork to buy a gun. It also outlines specific offenses and penalties for violent crimes against law enforcement officers acting in the line of duty. These steps actually address the criminal element, while continuing to uphold the rights of law-abiding citizens.”
Those participating in the rally included nationally recognized Second Amendment defense attorney and best-selling author Stephen Halbrook; Larry Pratt, executive director, Gun Owners of America; John Sigler, president, National Rifle Association; Kin Stolfer, chairman, Firearms Owners Against Crime; and Melody Zullinger, executive director, Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs.
To sign a “No New Gun Controls” petition for continued protection of the rights of law-abiding gun owners, visit
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