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Kauffman Invites Citizens to Join Fight Against Higher Income Taxes at
Taxpayers opposed to the governor’s 16 percent income tax hike proposal can make their voices heard at, Rep. Rob Kauffman (R-Cumberland/Franklin) said today.
“People across the state are struggling to make ends meet, yet the governor still seems intent on raising your taxes,” Kauffman said. “The only way to beat this tax hike is to work together and show the governor there is absolutely NO support for his excessive spending and higher taxes.”
Kauffman encouraged people to visit to sign a petition and submit written comments or videos about their opposition to the tax hike or how they are dealing with their own financial challenges.
The lawmaker said budget negotiations are not progressing very much because lawmakers and the governor can’t even agree on how much money to spend, let alone how and where to spend it.
“It’s hard to understand why, when the state is facing a $3.2 billion deficit in this year’s budget, the governor is insisting on increasing state spending by more than $1 billion next year,” Kauffman said. “While everyone else is cutting back, the governor thinks we should spend more. It just doesn’t make sense.”
Kauffman also noted that Democrats, who are the majority party in the state House, have refused to bring any budget bill to the floor for debate, further inhibiting progress on the state’s spending plan.
“Our caucus plans to call up a resolution next week that would force Democrat Appropriations Chairman Dwight Evans (D-Philadelphia) to release the budget bill from committee so the full House can discuss it,” Kauffman said. “The budget is the most important legislation we deal with all year – it should not be done behind closed doors.”
Watch for future budget updates.
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