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Kauffman Issues Statement on House Budget Movement
State Rep. Rob Kauffman (R-Cumberland/Franklin) today issued the following statement on House procedural moves to bring two budget vehicles before the House this week for discussion:
“The clock is ticking and thousands of state workers are anxiously wondering when they will receive their next paycheck. Thankfully, today, the House was able to use a procedural move to expedite the process and bring House Bill 1416, the Democrat budget proposal, before the House. This is a huge step forward considering House Republicans have been asking for this bill to be brought before the chamber for several weeks.
“Sadly, when we tried to have Senate Bill 850 brought before the House for consideration, our efforts were thwarted by the Democrats. That means that we are now limited to only one budget vehicle to use to amend and further the process.
“I am encouraged that we will finally have a budget plan to vote on this week and a document that will possibly help further budget negotiations. Of course, we are hopeful that our final budget document will reduce overall government spending, increase funding for basic education and not increase taxes on working Pennsylvanians.
“Our chances of ensuring state workers receive their next paycheck in full has, unfortunately, died; however, I believe we made a significant step forward and am looking forward to real discussion on the state budget before the people of Pennsylvania – as opposed to the many behind-closed-door meetings that have taken place thus far.”
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