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Kauffman Says Increased Spending When Facing $1.2 Billion Deficit Results in ‘No’ Vote on State Budget

State Rep. Rob Kauffman (R-Cumberland/Franklin) today voted against a state budget that spends $28.04 billion dollars when Pennsylvania is facing a $1.2 billion deficit. 

“The budget that was passed today is fiscally irresponsible and positions the state for an even greater deficit next year,” said Kauffman. “Increasing spending with decreasing revenues sets us up for a structural deficit of more than $3 billion in 2011-12.  It uses questionable methods of raiding funds for revenue and spending $850 million in non-existent federal money. That means if the federal government doesn’t approve the funding, Pennsylvania will have to come up with an additional $850 million by raising taxes or further cutting budget funding.” 

Kauffman also noted that this year’s budget contains no measures to offset the $654 million in stimulus funding for education that will end next year. He maintains that more prudent fiscal management of state funding and the preservation of reserve funds over the past several years would have better positioned the state to handle such future financial realities. 

“I am pleased that we were able to eliminate approximately $1 billion from the governor’s original budget plan and that this final budget contains no new or increased taxes; however, more stringent cuts needed to be made and I could not in good conscience vote for a budget that spends more money than we have and does nothing to prepare us for the future.” 

The $28.04 state budget represents an increase of $207.2 million over last year and is funded with a combination of state dollars, stimulus funds (which run out next year) and several other state funds. 

Due to the efforts of House Republicans, cost savings in this year’s budget were realized through the use of purchase cards for state spending, reduced tax refund reserves and the tax amnesty program. 

“The 2010-11 state budget was yet another missed opportunity to realign Pennsylvania’s goals and set us on the path to greater financial stability,” said Kauffman.  

The final vote in the House of Representatives on the General Appropriations bill (House Bill 2279) was 117 to 84. 

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