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Kauffman Supports Legislative Package to Create Jobs, Reduce Harmful Vehicle Emissions

State Rep. Rob Kauffman (R-Cumberland/Franklin) today lent his support to the unveiling of a package of bills designed to harness Pennsylvania’s natural gas supply for the use of creating thousands of new long-term job opportunities.


“We are facing continuing high unemployment rates and mounting state deficits, and yet we are sitting on top of the second largest natural gas deposit in the world,” said Kauffman. “This is an opportunity not to missed. By taking advantage of this natural resource, we can put thousands of people back to work, while improving our environment and making Pennsylvania a leader in effective natural gas usage.”


The package, called Marcellus Works, proposes to transition the current fleet of 16,000 state vehicles to clean natural gas, instead of traditional gasoline. It would also provide tax credits and grants for local governments to incentivize them to convert their government vehicles to clean natural gas, as well as for private companies that construct and use clean natural gas fueling stations.


In addition, the plan calls for the construction of clean natural gas stations at every other service station along the Pennsylvania Turnpike so those who operate natural gas vehicles have convenient access to fuel.


“This is an ambitious plan, but the message is clear – we need to stop trying to tax our way to prosperity and instead start stimulating the economy through job creation,” said Kauffman. “Pennsylvania has always been a powerhouse when it comes to energy production, and now we have found a natural energy resource that is plentiful, clean and can help position Pennsylvania for an economically sound future.”


The Marcellus Works package is expected to be introduced on the House floor in the coming days.


Video comments from today’s press conference are available by clicking on this link: or by visiting


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