2020-21 Budget Hearings: Kauffman Questions Pa. State Police

Feb. 20, 2020 / Embed

State Rep. Rob Kauffman spoke at an Appropriations Committee hearing with members of the Pa. State Police.

Rep. Kauffman Invites Guest Pastor

Feb. 05, 2020 / Embed

On February 5, 2020, State Rep. Rob Kauffman invites a guest Pastor to give the daily House session opening prayer.

Kauffman Reacts to the Governor’s Budget Proposal

Feb. 04, 2020 / Embed

PA State Rep. Rob Kauffman responds to the 2020-21 Pennsylvania state budget proposal from Gov. Wolf.

Rep. Kauffman Human Trafficking Post Press Event Package

Jan. 24, 2020 / Embed

State Rep. Rob Kauffman comments on Human Trafficking. Senate Bill 60 was recently passed by the House of Representatives and awaits the Governor's signature.

Human Trafficking And Its Effects

Jan. 22, 2020 / Embed

State Rep. Rob Kauffman praises SB 60, a bill that increases penalties upon human trafficking and how it exploitations truly affect everybody.

Rep. Kauffman interview on Human Trafficking Legislation

Jan. 22, 2020 / Embed

State Rep. Rob Kauffman comments on Senate Bill 60, a bill that will sharply increase penalties for those who traffic victims and solicit those victims and will be regarded as a first-degree felony under. The new laws would also sharply increase prison sentences to a minimum of 40 years for offenders if a victim of sexual servitude is a minor.

Judiciary Committee Meeting

Jan. 14, 2020 / Embed

Voting meeting on HB 161, HB 2174, HB 2175, HB 2176, HB 2177, HB 2178, SB 60, HR 618 and any other business that may come before the committee.

Judiciary Committee Meeting

Dec. 16, 2019 / Embed

Public hearing on HB 95 and SB 95.

Judiciary Committee Meeting

Nov. 19, 2019 / Embed

Voting meeting on HB 1944 (re-referral), HB 44, HB 256, HB 257, HB 1781, HB 1855, SB 439 (re-referral), HR 178, HR 579 and any other business that may come before the committee.

Supporting PA's Helpers and Heroes

Oct. 25, 2019 / Embed

Rep. Rob Kauffman discusses legislative efforts to support the fire and emergency services community across Pennsylvania. Skyrocketing operating costs and plummeting volunteerism have left many fire and ambulance companies struggling to keep their doors open. The “Heroes and Helpers” legislative package is designed to help encouraging volunteering, improve access to training and offer more flexible funding options.