Kauffman address on Down Syndrome Protection Act-HB 321

During May 14th House Floor debate, Pa. State Rep. Rob Kauffman argues in favor of House Bill 321, a bill that would prevent an abortion simply because a child still in the womb has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome or another type of disability.

Kauffman Honors Shooting Champions

Pa. State Rep. Rob Kauffman recognizes a group of 4-H national shooting champions on the House floor.

Kauffman Announces Inspector General Will Investigate DHS Handling of Grace Packer Case

At the start of a Judiciary Committee meeting this week that focused on legislation to support child sexual assault victims, Chairman Rob Kauffman (R-Franklin) announced that he and Rep. Karen Boback (R-Wyoming/Luzerne/Lackawanna), chairman of the House Children and Youth Committee, had sent a letter to Pennsylvania Inspector General Bruce Beemer asking him to investigate the handling of the case of Grace Packer by the Department of Human Services.

Standing For Victims Of Crime And Abuse

Pa. State Rep. Rob Kauffman comments at a press conference giving exposure to a host of bills meant to increase rights for crime victims and survivors of abuse. As a result of recent bills, voters are one step closer to having the opportunity to decide if a victims bill of rights should be added to the Pennsylvania Constitution.

Protecting More Children from Trauma of Testifying

During House debate, PA State Rep. Rob Kauffman speaks on his legislation to expand protections for child testifiers.

Rep. Kauffman Speaks Of Child Victims

During the April 8th, 2019 House Judiciary hearings, Pa. State Rep. Rob Kauffman speak of the horrific death of Grace Packer and the need for further investigation thereof.

Wilson College 150th Anniversary

Pa State Rep. Rob Kauffman recognizes the 150th anniversary of Wilson College.

Questions As To When State Police Contact ICE

During the House Appropriations Hearings on February 25, Pa. State Rep. Rob Kauffman questions testifiers from the State Police as to what precipitates a contact with ICE when suspected illegal aliens are in custody.

Former State Rep. Jeff Coy Honored On House Floor

Pa. State Rep. Rob Kauffman honors the life and memory of Jeff Coy who represented Franklin and Cumberland counties for 22 years in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, then served three two-year terms on the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

Hearing on Legislation Protecting the Right of Nonmembers to Forgo Contributing to a Union

Rep. Rob Kauffman (R-Franklin) led a hearing of the House Labor and Industry Committee on House Bill 2571, sponsored by Rep. Kate Klunk (R-York). House Bill 2571 seeks to ensure that nonmembers of public-sector unions are aware of their right not to contribute any monies to the representative union.